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character profiles
episode list

01- The Legendary Samurai... The Man Who Fights for Love
02- The bratty Samurai! Why don't you become my student?
03- The Samurai in Sorrow. The Man's Past Forgiveness.
04- Something Stinks. It's the Gangster,Sanosuke!
05- Sakaba versus Zanba. Fight the Desperate Fight.
06- Visitor from the darkness. The Kurogasa appears!
07- Fight under the moonlight to save the one I love.
08- Unexpected Battle. A beautiful woman runs us ragged.
09- The Strongest Ninja Clan, Fear the Oniwa Banshu!
10- Aoshi! Lethal Power Raised to Beauty.
11- Adios, My Strongest Friends... Crashing Shadows and Light.
12- Birth of a Junior Samurai. The First Disciple, Yahiko's Battle.
13- You Can Do It, Toramaru! The Dosukoi Journey.
14- To Save a Small Life! Challenge! Doctor Megumi.
15- The Operation Starts! The Terrorist Group Jinpu Tai
16- Take a Pledge! The Hidden Sword Technique,Shiden No Tachi!
17- Blast to Your Dream! The Adventure of Marimo the Flying Bullet.
18- Run! Yahiko, Bring the Sakaba Sword Back!
19- Raijuta's Desire. Vision of a Forbidden Empire.
20- Shinko Ryu Revived! Show of Evil, Ultimate Killing Technique!
21- The Nightmare Falls Apart! Raijuta's Dream.
22- First Time! Crazy, Insane Steam Engine Train Trip.
23- Betrayed by Sanosuke?! Greeting of Fate.
24- Midnight Fight! Sanosuke vs Kenshin Again.
25- The Scarlet Pirate Kenshin & Kaoru, Torn Apart!
26- Thunderstorm Rising! The Mysteriously Noble Pirate, Shura.
27- Ferocious Fighting Island! Scarlet Pirate
28- A Prelude to Threat. Shadow of the Wolf Draws Near!
29- The Ultimate Rival
30- Evil Has It's Revenge. Shishio Makoto's Devilish Plot
31- Can't Get Close... Kenshin's Journey!
32- Turning Tears Into Courage! The Road Kamiya Kaoru Chose.
33- Ever the Strongest Warrior! Aoshi's New Battle.
34- The Little Thief Makimachi Misao's Deceptive Looks!
35- Occupied Village. Shishio Draws Ever Closer!
36- After the end of the dynasty, First meeting of Kenshin and Shishio
37- Shock! Sakaba-sword breaks. Tenken no Soujirou vs Kenshin
38- Sanosuke, the secret of patience! Challenge the Hakai-priest, Anji.
39- The man who makes Sakaba... Shakku Arai's Masterpiece!
40- Cold-blooded Assassin! Confronted with the Juppon Gatana, Cho
41- A Hidden Technique of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Reunion with Master Seijuro
42- Alliance agreed! The day when Shishio and Aoshi Unite.
43- Succession Technique Mastered. Ama kakeru Ryu no Hirameki.
44- Battle of indignation, Gathering his strongest, Juppon Gatana!
45- Rurouni Kenshin Special
46- Blown Away! The battleship Rengoku, Stopping it's sails!
47- Burning "Rengoku!" Shishio Makoto's Fortune
48- Crush! Futae-no-Kiwami. Pain of Sanosuke's fist!
49- The Focus of His Guze; Anji's new reflection
50- A Wolf sees the Shin-Gun. Explosive Zero Gatotsu!
51- The time when the promise is fulfilled. A battle between Aoshi and Kenshin once more.
52- Miracle in the making! The battle at Aoiya continues.
53- A giant versus Superman! Saving Grace at edge of despair.
54- Hiten versus Shuku-chi Soujiro, God's gift to nature.
55- Tragedy in the storm. Soujiro's past.
56- Fight to the limit! Shun-Ten-Satsu versus Amakakeru-Ryu-no-Hirameki
57- Shishio versus Kenshin... the Final Battle!
58- Will the era inherit Shishio? Kenshin's most critical moment!
59- Luck hasn't run out yet! Ken-Ki (Warrior Spirit) Revived Again!
60- The one who permits victory. Kenshin versus stage.
61- Remaining Juppon Gatana... Choice of Life!
62- Kyoto, Engraved memory. Starting with fulfilled feelings.
63- Legend of the wishing fireflies. The girl who waits for her sword master.
64- Prince Yahiko's...
65- Find out missing treasure! Great treasure hunting dog, Notaro
66- Happy Kaoru! Kenshin's proposal!
67- Shining legendary sword! Mysterious sword master, Amakusa Shougo.
68- A medallion of destiny. Sanosuke and Sayo meet.
69- The place of battle Shimabara! Judgment day of who is the chooser.
70- Impact of the Rai Ryu Sen! Kenshin is sentenced to the dark
71- Kaioh's Conspiracy. Shougo's Trapped!
72- Reminiscent days. Shougo and Sayo's painful past.
73- Evil with a sneer! Shouzo, Karyu's damaged in the explosion.
74- Sanosuke's tears. Eternal separation between them
75- Final Holy battle Crash Together! Two Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki
76- The sea of departure. Hope will surf over the sadness.
77- Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki? ANOTHER Battousai appears.
78- The girl who longs for her art student. Love shock in Hakone hot spring!
79- Katsu Kaishu and Kenshin Fated survivors from the end of the Edo dynasty
80- Never ending... Edo dynasty. Kaishu's mission of fate
81- Beni Aoi's trap Ghosts of the Edo dynasty haunt Kaishu!
82- The Decision of Katsu Kaishu The Truth Beyond the Era
83- Yutaro Returns The Ambitions of the Black Knights Hide in the Shadows
84- Sanada Ninja and the Divine Medicine Their Leader, Misanagi's, Goal
85- A Puzzling Journey The Trap of Holy Crossing Has Been Laid!
86- Dancing Underground. Red Day Fly Cutthroat! Sanada Sannin Shu
87- Schneider's Bet. Collapse of the Black Knights!
88- Two Other Directions. Yahiko and Yutaro's Eternal Promise
89- To My Angel Misao... Special Delivery from Kyoto
90- Fusui's surprise Attack! The Mystery of the Pentagram
91- Resist the Fusui's Magical Power Next Target the Kamiya Dojo!
92- Tokyo's Under Martial Law! Strike of the Spiral Weapon, Ryu Myaku
93- The Enemy Awaits in Senjo Gahara! Searching for the Hisui Crest
94- The Elegy of the Wind and the Water. Now They Make Desperate Efforts Here
95- The Ties Between Scarlet and Emerald are in the Boom of the Waves.